Tours and Events

So that “Where does your food come from?” has a good answer.

Educational Farm Tours

Our educational farm tours have become popular and no wonder! People want to know where their food comes from and they love our open-door, nothing-to-hide policy. Pick up a baby chick and feel the down becoming feathers. Wander through the fields and ask why there is no stink. Tiptoe around the chickens and discover the recipe for natural fertilizer. Find out why we call our farm NOMAD, and why everything moves around. Learn about stewardship, dominion, symbiosis, biodiversity, and sustainability. Take an opportunity to connect to the land, know your farmer, relax in the meadows with a picnic, walk among the animals and learn why we do things the way we do . . . we love to share the reasons.

We offer these tours on demand, meaning you can can select the date and time and email us to check for availability. We'll get back to you ASAP and work to find the common opening on our calendars. We are hoping to have at least 12 folks (infants free) to initiate a tour, so if you have friends, school or church folks . . . oftentimes we will add people from the community who want to jump in on one already scheduled. They usually start at 10:00 am (which gives us some time to get a few farm chores done beforehand) but can be scheduled for earlier or later depending on your preference. They last about an hour and a quarter and are customized to the interest level of your group—might go a little longer or shorter according to your group’s attention span and desires. When it’s over you are welcome to stay for your own picnic lunch. Pick your spot!

Topics vary—we go from pasture to pasture to look at and discuss the unorthodox techniques we employ in order to get the healthy and responsible results we do as new-concept farmers. Kids will enjoy seeing and holding young animals and learning about how our food is raised and where it comes from. Adults can enter discussion on the American food industry, discuss confusing labels and what they actually mean. Biology, ecology, sociology, theology, and ethics pepper the conversation. We aim to please, and it’s a blast for all ages. As one of my favorite farmers likes to say about these tours, epiphanies are commonplace.

For the time we invest in preparing for and giving a tour, we require $6 per person with a $70 minimum. We will do tours smaller than 12 people if you prefer privacy, but the minimum is $70. Infants free.

Profit margin in farming is woefully slim and we are asking you to be a part of helping us turn that around for future generations. In addition to this donation, buy a couple of chickens, bring in some compost for feeding the soil or drop-off recycled grocery store bags for us to reuse at markets and in the farm store. This is a collaborative effort. You'll feel an inward "yes" for being a part of it.

Call or email us to schedule a group or personal farm tour. Church and school groups are welcome, and the more the merrier— we can accommodate large numbers! See our Facebook page for tons of fun tour pictures.

Cobblestone Farmers Market

Drop by and see us at 1001 S. Marshall St. (near Old Salem) for one of North Carolina's BEST farmers markets, right here in the Triad— We're lucky, Folks! Every Saturday morning (8:30 to 12:00) from March to November. We bring a wide selection of our meats for easy purchase while you collect fresh produce from among excellent farmers and vendors.

Host an Event at NOMAD

We are open for 2023 bookings! Host your birthday or office party, wedding, or fund raiser on the farm! We have a glorious oak tree that brides have chosen as a sacred spot for exchanging vows. Our big barn with max seating capacity of about 140 is available for receptions, etc.. You can add an educational farm tour (hour plus) or not, depending on the nature of your gathering. If you do, you might enjoy a visit with laying hens at the NOMAD Mobile Nest Home, pigs in their natural environment, grass-fed cows in their newest pasture, bunnies in their borough and free-lancing lambs. See how our chickens partake of a fresh salad bar while fertilizing our fields! If baby chicks or turkeys have recently arrived, enjoy a special visit to the NOMAD Airstream Nursery. Farmer Mark can make walking tours last longer or abbreviate based on age, interest, and stamina among your guests. Tours conclude in the NOMAD Farms Log Cabin Store where guests are welcome to purchase anything in stock from fresh chicken, lamb, pork, and beef to farm eggs, T-shirts, and more. Spread picnic blankets at your choice of open areas for a post-tour picnic, barbecue (grills and grass-fed meats for purchase available by request), and/ or bonfire. Feel free to plan your own games and bring sports equipment as you will have access to dozens of acres of open farmland. Linger for as long as you like. Sunset at NOMAD is stunning.

We offer a limited supply of chairs, tables, and picnic blankets at your request. Farm party favors can be arranged in advance (see price sheet for ideas). After the party tour you’ll get to entertain your guests as you like. You can store your picnic items in an outdoor, covered refrigerator until it’s time to spread. Access to the farmhouse bathroom is yours or we can arrange for a porta-potty delivery. Press here for a sample wedding video.

Email Dana at [email protected] to make reservations!

Summer Farm Camp

Registration opens January 15, 2024 for campers and February 1, 2024 for teenage volunteers! After a wonderful 2023 season, we are looking forward to reunions with our young return-farmers as well as meeting a new crop in 2024. Follow Instagram @nomadfarmerswife + @nomadnicholsons and NOMAD Farms, LLC fb page for updates and tag others to easily spread the word and coordinate with your friends.

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